About Me

I am a normal person…. I love chocolate, sleeping in, family time, sports and hanging with my friends….Most importantly, I am a mother of two beautiful children and a wife to an awesome man.

I started this fitness journey after having my second child. I thought the weight would come off super easy and I would get right back into my old jeans…. Yeaaaa… No. That didn’t happen. And I thought having two kids was going to be a breeze… Yeaaaa… No…

I actually found myself getting depressed and falling into a hole that was hard to get out of. I didn’t want to go anywhere, I was ashamed of my body and I was not being a good wife or mom because of it.

That is the moment I turned to fitness and bettering my health. You have to change more than you want to stay the same….. and that is how I found the motivation… I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same!

Going through this journey has changed me in so many positive ways.

I still love my ice cream, but I have found ways to practice the 80/20 rule and stay on track to lead a healthier life….

I still love to sleep in, but I have found a balance in working out and I actually enjoy it.

I have learned to love myself…. I love my body for what it is, my flaws for what they are and I love the person I have become. 🙂

I hope I can inspire you to do the same!

My family 🙂