Eat that COOKIE!

December 20, 2016
Hi – My name is Farin Doran – and I am a cookie-aholic.
Ok, I lied…. I am a cookie/brownie – aholic….
Ok, I am also a liar because I basically love ALL desserts….
and when I say ALL desserts, I mean I would literally eat any dessert for the mere fact that it has sugar in it and I LOVE it!
So, going through my fitness journey and trying my best to inspire others to stay on track, this is the HARDEST time of the year for me. I want to eat ALL the cookies. Everyone keeps talking about cookie parties and what type of cookies they are going to make and all I can think about is the cookie dough I am going to eat while making them. (Anyone else with me?) I actually love the cookie dough more than the cookie! #sorrynotsorry
Right now I am struggling with, “Screw skinny jeans, I want cookies” and “I want to look great in my cocktail dress for New Years.” Hmmmm, decisions decisions.
Here is a fact: Those cookies won’t make me fat. They won’t change my endurance level or take away all my hard work.
BUT, I can practice self control. I don’t have to eat the whole batch of cookies. I can eat one and walk away. Maybe come back for another one later, BUT I don’t have to go crazy with it.
So here is my “cookie plan” for you fellow cookie-aholics….
*Pre Baking cookies – having something healthy but sweet on hand to have in place of the extra dozen of cookies I want to eat. I make Shakeology balls and or some other type of cookie that is just as good…. click here for a healthy recipe.
Step 1 – Drink a glass of water before making cookies
Step 2 – Take a lick of the bowl (because it is actually a sin to not lick the bowl after making homemade cookies….. really it is, go look it up)
Step 3 – Bake the cookies…. and drink another glass of water. (By now, I should be running to the bathroom with all the water I am drinking)
Step 4 – Take the cookies out of the oven. Have a cookie. Because they are best right out of the oven. And then call it a day. Save the cookies for the family and my little sugar loving mini-me’s.
Step 5 – Take the cookies in the closet and eat the rest…. If  no one sees me, it never happened, right?
Step 6 – Enjoy myself with other things besides with food.

My point for you friends, is that you absolutely NEED to eat that cookie. You need to have a treat every once in awhile. You have to be able to eat that cookie and know that NO it won’t make you fat, NO it won’t hurt your progress and YES you will jump back into your fitness journey. You can still accomplish your goals AND enjoy the sweet things in life too.



  • Brigid

    December 20, 2016 at 2:02 am

    Love this!! What a great message.

    1. admin

      December 27, 2016 at 5:47 pm

      Thank you!!!

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