Post Cyber Monday – Invest In Yourself

December 2, 2016

So, let’s get real. How many times have you seen a cyber Monday deal or a Black Friday deal and think “you have to have it.”

You get excited, you see the flashing lights, the for sale sign and you “add to cart.”
But have you asked yourself, if it is worth it? Have you asked yourself if you NEED it?
And have you put off buying things that would be beneficial for your health because you thought it was too expensive?
Let’s face it. We all have. I have been there. I would buy a new outfit to make myself feed good momentarily but then I would put off buying something that I knew would make me feel better for a lifetime.
I made up every excuse in the book as to why I could not afford something for my health.
However, I would find every REASON to buy that new outfit.
It is crazy, right?
But here is the thing…..
Fifty years will go by and that new outfit or that cyber Monday deal will be long forgotten. All you will have left is your health.
Did you INVEST in your health?
When you look back, did you do everything you could to live a healthier life?
Did you do everything you could to make the most of the life you are living?
If you think right now, right this second that you may look back with regrets….. Make the change NOW.
Your health matters… You matter…. Invest in yourself!
It will be the best “deal” you ever get!


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