3 Day Refresh Results!

January 14, 2017

So I did it again. I put the cookies down, the candy out of sight (just kidding, I totally saw it everytime I opened the pantry), the cupcakes in the trash and I put my weekly coffee and egg dates on hold.

I jumped into the 3 day refresh where I “refreshed” my body of bad habits.
You see me post online and while I do make healthier choices, I also let the holidays get the best of me. I took advantage of every holiday party, every holiday cookie and every holiday glass of wine. (oops). #sorrynotsorry

Hey, I am human and it is ok. It is absolutely ok to fall of the wagon. It is ok to JUMP off that wagon. However, if you get off the wagon, you MUST find a way to get back on. And for me my ticket to get back on was the 3 day refresh!

Now, I am going to be completely honest with you. EVERY single time I do this refresh, I have a moment of “why in the h*ll did I do this?”

Day 1, I feel great. I feel like Rocky Balboa before he goes to run up the steps. I hear the music in my head and I am going to CRUSH THIS!

Day 2, the morning is always great. I already feel lighter. BUT, by the middle of the day I am cursing this refresh. I’m not hungry. I just want meat. I want my daughter’s goldfish. I want my son’s leftover chicken nuggets. I have to get distracted and keep my eyes on the prize.

Day 3, I’m back to Rocky mode. I am all in! I just have the rest of the day left and I get to see results in the morning. Nothing is more exciting than KNOWING you will have true, real results the next day!

Usually for a detox you think you would be hungry the whole time. You don’t want to do it because you don’t want to go through the hunger pangs. The 3 day refresh is totally different from other cleanses. It detoxifies and cleanses, while supporting your metabolism. You don’t feel hungry because you get plenty to eat. It is just that this time, you are eating the RIGHT foods that are going to detox you.

My dinner for the refresh – Cucumber and Tomato Salad

My only personal craving was eggs. I eat eggs every single day for the most part and for the refresh I couldn’t eat eggs or meat so I couldn’t wait to get back into my egg routine on day 4. Other than that, I felt great. Everything was planned out for me, so I had no reason not to succeed. I also had friends and other accountability partners that were doing the same thing so I had a ton of support!

So how did I do? What were my results?

3 Day Refresh Results

I lost 3.1 lbs in 3 days. I lost the weight I put on from the holidays. I also feel like I have way less cravings. I went 3 days being strict to the plan that by day 4, I had no desire to eat bad.

Did I workout?
I did workout during the refresh, however I kept it light. I didn’t push myself as hard as I usually would.

Does it come with a plan?
Yes. The refresh comes with the shakes you need and the plan to get you through it. It is laid out for you in simple steps. It also comes with recipes for you dinner options which are not only delicious but filling!

Would I recommend it?
Yes! I think this is a great detox to do especially if you are just coming off a holiday or an event where you went off the deep end. This is actually my third time doing the refresh and I feel great!

How Can you do it?
E-mail me at farintea@hotmail.com or reach out to me on Facebook.com/farindoranfitness and I will get you all set up. I can also get you into a support group where I will hold your hand throughout the process!

OR —- order here… ↓↓↓


Either way… thank you for following my journey!

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