Onto the New Year… Turning your resolutions into results!

January 1, 2017
HAPPY 2017!

Here we are, onto another New Year. I know it sounds cliche to say “New Year, New Me” but who cares! It is perfectly ok to be cliche and it is perfectly ok to want to work on yourself. The want and need to work on yourself already makes you amazing.

So, it is the first day of the New Year. Now what?
What changes can you make that will turn this year into an even better year than the last?

Do you have goals?
Do you have a place you want to be in your life?

If you said yes to one or both of those questions…. GET OFF YOUR BUTT and do something about it. #sorrynotsorry for that. It had to be said. No one is going to put the work in for you. No one is going to BEG you to get to your goals. You have to WANT IT.

You have to have a passion for your goals and your change so much that it gets a fire going inside you!

So what can you do to get there?

Take some time for yourself right this minute and make a plan. Find a way and go for it.
Decide in this moment to put your health and your body and mind first for a little bit.
I am officially giving you permission to LOVE yourself….
I am giving you permission to take care of yourself..
I am giving you permission to be SELFISH for once…. it is OK.. and you will get stronger because of it…

Here is what I will be doing….

I am going to be running a 30 day fitness accountability group this month. I will be helping you to get you off your feet and into a fitness routine that fits your schedule and needs. I am with you 100%! In this group we will work on clean eating, workouts, meal planning and finding the time to get it all in. In the group there will be motivation, recipes, support and PRIZES!

Make 2017 your year! Make this year the best one yet!

Are you with me?

No regrets this year!!

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