Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Moms & Keep Going

January 6, 2017

Today is a day to be documented….

I had the urge to blog this day because you don’t get that many of these days as a mom…

So many times, as a mom, I doubt myself. I wonder if I am doing it right…. Am I good mom? Am I a good role model?

And you know what I do that is even WORSE than that?

I compare myself to other moms. I do it ALL THE TIME!
I think..
“look how patient she is, wish I was like that with my kids”
“look at her great hair, how does she have time to get it together?”
“Look at her talking to her friends, laughing and happy, wish I was doing that”
“Look at her makeup…. ugh, did I even wear makeup today…. does yesterday’s count?”
“Look at her fit body, how much does she workout, does she have a personal trainer, wish my butt looked like that..”

Come on, if you are a mom, you find yourself comparing yourself to other moms.

BUT TODAY – I didn’t.

I set myself up for a GREAT day. I put myself first today and it translated into the rest of the day.

I woke up, I checked in with my challengers who inspire me everyday, I read some personal development, I worked out, I talked to my husband and enjoyed his company. I got showered, dressed, because I got up early, I was able to DRY MY HAIR.. WOW – that never happens, I made my breakfast super food shake, and I got my son to school EARLY (again, I need an award for that one)….  I went to a friend’s house and even stopped for coffee on the way (wow, this is just so exciting… friends and coffee? YES, YES and YES)!

And then I took my daughter to the library. Now, this is usually the moment I start to compare myself.  Here I am with a bunch of other moms and their children… It is SO DARN EASY to look at other women and want to compare.

I was TOO DARN HAPPY with my own self to even worry about comparing myself to anyone.
I had my little mini-me, I put down my bag, my phone and I got on my knees and played with my daughter. I didn’t care if I had muffin top when sitting down, I didn’t care that I may or may not have had toothpaste on my shirt, and I didn’t care that my daughter was still wearing her PJ shirt from this morning (yea, there is no fighting with her and her minnie mouse clothes).

I was feeling GREAT. I knew that today I had worked hard to be a better version of myself. I was confident with Farin. I was confident in who I chose to be today. And because of that, I became a better mother.
When I feel great with myself, I am a better mother! When I feel great with myself, I am a better wife. When I feel great with myself, I am a better person all together!

And because of days like today, I will KEEP GOING!!!

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