Super Saturday Weekend January 2017

January 11, 2017
This past weekend was life changing for so many reasons.
This exact time last year, I was sitting in the same area with the same people but I was a completely different person.
I was insecure, I had anxiety, I was nervous, I was scared and I wasn’t as healthy.
This year when I came to the Super Saturday event in Pittsburgh, I had a different feeling. I was now personal friends with the people I looked up to the year before. I didn’t have the same anxiety because I was now part of the community that I was dreaming about before.
My husband and I left the kids with grandparents and we set off on a four hour journey. We got in Friday night and had a private celebration with the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler. I got the chance to catch up with friends that I have met through this journey and meet new

My husband and I before the celebrations
Everyone is like a celebrity at these events. You follow their pages, you see them on the internet and all of a sudden you are face to face with them. The people that intimidate you actually end up being so down to earth and approachable.
We then sat for the event part where we celebrated the top transformations of 2016. My husband and I were actually featured and our transformation pictures were up on the big screen.
There were inspiring stories of success, transformations and celebrations. They also announced the next big success club trip to MEXICO! (yay)!
We ended the night with a live super workout. There was so much energy in the room. All these people who didn’t know each other but were all passionate about health and fitness. People were of all sizes, all different spots in their journey and they were passionate about it. We high fived people we didn’t know, got together for pictures with strangers and really just enjoyed the fact that we were able to be here for all of this.
My husband at the live workout!
Saturday morning, I got up early to workout. Yea, I’m crazy. I just really wanted to start my day feeling great. I knew I would be indulging later in the day so I wanted to work off what I could in the morning. I joined a fellow coach, brought my laptop and we got a workout in. In a room full of gym equipment, all we needed was a laptop and motivation and we got in an amazing workout.
I then attended some trainings where my personal video was featured. It was so surreal to see and hear myself on the big screen. People were nodding their heads in aggreance to what I was saying and that was amazing. To think that one year ago, I was sitting in these same seats watching someone else and now someone was sitting there watching me.
Now for the highlight of the trip. Our mom and dad nap!
HA – just kidding. Well, kinda. That nap was amazing. I haven’t gotten a good nap in maybe a year or more, or two years….
But, really, we napped then got all dressed up and then drove to a diamond celebration dinner. We had a champagne toast, dancing, a fancy dinner, laughs and just enjoyed each other and talked about goals.
My fellow coaches and I celebrating with a champagne toast.
It was a life changing weekend because one year ago I was not even close to doing any of this. I would have never felt comfortable doing any of this or have even thought I was worthy. And this weekend, I DID it!


I proved myself wrong. I proved that you can literally do anything you put your mind to. You can be apart of any crowd you want. You make your future. You make your dreams. And I am so thankful for this opportunity because my dreams have come true!
And here’s the exciting part…….. our team isn’t closed. If fitness could be your business, if you enjoy helping people, if all of this looks like your thing… JOIN ME!

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