Deep Creek Leadership Retreat

February 13, 2017


Wow – where to start!?!?

Let’s start from the beginning! One year ago, I made the decision to be a fitness coach. I saw great results, so I thought “why not share my story?” I joined in, fell in love with the community and started to build my tribe.

6 months into being a coach, I was invited to a team retreat in Destin, Florida! It was AMAZING! However, all I could think about was my team. I wanted to do this same thing with my team. So, I came home from my trip, researched houses and I booked a 5 bedroom house in Deep Creek, MD for my team retreat!

The girls who came on the trip EARNED it. They show up in the challenge groups, they help people and to be able to come on the trip that had to vow to keep working on reaching their goals while also helping others do the same.








I wanted to have a place where we could celebrate their accomplishments and our victories as a team. I wanted a place to BOND and have fun! It has literally been my dream since becoming a coach to host my OWN retreat for MY team. And I did it!! I had their pictures lined up when they walked in. I wanted them to feel ELITE. I also had shirts made for the retreat and notebooks for them!

Champagne Toast to start off the Retreat

So what did we do? 

We started off the night with a champagne toast and got to know each other. We had cauliflower pizza, shrimp, chips, guacamole, salsa, brownies…. we had it all!

We stayed up entirely  too late and then got up early in the morning for a LIVE workout by our fellow coach and LIVE workout instructor! Seriously it was an AMAZING workout that we were able to get in right in the master bedroom. A reminder that home workouts are actually that amazing!

K. Forbes Fitness leading the LIVE workout!

Next, we jumped in the showers, made breakfast and got set up for our photo shoots. We did hair and makeup, we picked out a ton of outfits and we felt like a celebrity that morning! Here’s the thing about photoshoots….. they are soooooo awkward at first. We all feel so shy at first and then all of a sudden everyone’s face just lights up. They start getting comfortable and then you get a laugh out of someone and their beauty just shines! The photo shoots were one of my favorite parts of the trip because I really wanted everyone to feel special!


We did some team trainings and we checked in with our challengers together. We focused on our growth and how we can be better individually AND as a team. We really invested time into each other and pushed one another. And then we had fun! We ate some more, we went out into the hot tub, we played games and we just enjoyed ourselves!

Enjoying the hot tub!

Most importantly out of this whole trip, we BONDED. We got to see each other in the flesh instead of on the computer screen. We laughed, we cried, we talked, we hugged, we ate, we drank, we did it ALL. It is amazing that a group can come together and without knowing each other, we can just click. It is NOT by coincidence, however.

We came together and clicked because we all have GOALS. We have personal goals and business goals. And these goals focus on helping OTHERS. So, the fact that we all got along is not a surprise. These aren’t just ANY women. These are women who are DRIVEN, women who LOVE helping others, women who put themselves out there and women who want to be better than they were yesterday.

Will we do this again??



If you have been watching…… why NOT you?

Why not join us next time?


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  • Allison Chilton

    February 13, 2017 at 4:10 am

    I love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much!!! You are an amazing person, coach, and most importantly FRIEND! Keep being awesome!

    1. admin

      March 16, 2017 at 11:04 pm

      I just saw this!!! Thanks Allison!! xoxoxox

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