Why Getting Older ROCKS!

March 13, 2017


20 years old vs 30 years old


Why does getting older ROCK?

I have DREADED getting “old” since forever. I always thought 30 was the beginning of “old.” Yea, yea.. for all you over 30, I’m sorry to say that! But it’s true. It always sounds nice to say “I’m in my 20’s.”

So, when the big 3-0 came along, I thought I would be upset but instead I felt AWESOME. Hitting that number made me reflect on my life. All 30 years of it! HA – ok, not really. But it did make me think about the last 10 years.

10 years ago, I was in a new relationship so I was gaining those “couples pounds.” You know those pounds, the ones that magically appear when you start dating someone new. 10 years ago, I was overweight. I actually remember looking up my weight on my phone and saw it say “overweight.” AHHH – worst feeling ever. 10 years ago, I spent my nights eating fried food, watching tv and drinking as much as I could (yea, I wasn’t even 21 yet, I know). 10 years ago, I was trying to find my “place” in this world.

Now here I am, 10 years later, 2 children, married, in the best shape of my life, my phone no longer tells me I am overweight, I play sports still, I eat better than I ever have, I hardly watch tv, I am traveling all over the place and most importantly I am 99.9% sure I have found my “place.”

It took me to 30 to realize that at your “place” isn’t where people want you to be. It isn’t where you think you are meant to be. Your “place” is wherever you are the happiest. What makes you happy? DO IT. What makes you laugh? DO IT. What makes you smile daily? DO IT. And wherever you are right then…. stay there and that is your “place.”

I am happy being healthy, I am happy traveling, I am happy being married, I am happy with two children, I am happy being a fitness coach, I am happy with this life.

So, getting older is bound to happen….. but if you can get older in your “place” with the things you love, with the people you love, then getting older ROCKS.

If you can get older and reflect on your life and see that the person you are becoming as you get older is a better person than you were before……

Then, absolutely… Getting Older will always be AWESOME!


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