Cleansing With Your Husband

April 27, 2017

Cleansing with your husband…. hmmm so what is that all about? And why would anyone want to do that?

My husband and I had a trip booked to go to Punta Cana with my awesome company and being that the company is filled with fitness coaches, I wanted to get rid of any excess bloat and bad decisions from the past couple of weekends.

So, when I brought up the idea of doing this 3 day cleanse to my husband, he jumped on board! The fact alone that he was supportive and wanted to do it with me was enough for me to jump in without looking back.

Let’s face it, sticking to a strict meal plan is NOT easy. There are a ton of temptations. BUT, when you have your spouse with you for the ride, it makes life a lot easier and makes those kid’s chicken nuggets a lot less tempting….

Planning for the refresh!

How did we do it?

In the morning, I prepped our meals for the day. Being prepared and having the food ready and available makes it a lot easier. For dinner, I made a moroccan carrot salad. (To be totally honest, my husband was NOT a fan. He did not like a plethora of flavors. I, however, I loved it. My husband is a plain vegetables kinda guy…. and by plain I mean he tolerates them and would rather not have them.)

Carrot Salad

What could we eat?

The program came with protein shakes, a nutrient dense shake and a fiber sweep drink. In between that, we had a lot of fruits and vegetables and a big plentiful vegetable dinner. It is actually more food than you would think. And it proves that just by eating healthy, you can lose weight.

Did we workout?

Yes. The program suggests that you do not workout and really get the most out of your cleanse. BUT, going on this trip, we decided to do some light exercises to keep our bodies moving.

Were we HANGRY?

So “hangriness” is a real thing. I was never hungry – I just craved foods. Because I was limited to what I could eat, I wanted to snack on different things. I think knowing that you CANT have something, makes you want it more. But that is ok, because after day 3, you don’t crave things anymore. You feel good and if you can do this for 3 days you can do anything!

What were the results?

My husband lost 3.4 lbs and I lost 4. 2. I have done the program a couple times and this was the most I have lost. I think having a buddy doing it with me really helped! ALSO, my team hosted a 3 day support group for anyone doing it with us! The groups are really where the results come in. Having someone tell you that you CAN do it and keeping you accountable is where you push yourself!

Can you do this too?

ABSOLUTELY! Anyone can. I actually recommend it for anyone who wants to jumpstart their fitness and nutrition, anyone who had a bad couple of days and wants a refresh or anyone who just want to get back to healthy eating. I literally feel “refreshed after.

What happens after the refresh?

Good question!!!! You stay on track! You can’t go right back to eating crap. You can go back to eating more protein but you want to start light. You can definitely keep the weight off if you practice eating in moderation. PLUS, the groups I run continue for as long as you want.

How can you join in?

You can fill out my form below and comment that you want to do the refresh! I can get you into my next group and we can do it together! I will share my favorite recipes and get you with other people who are doing it too!

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