Why the heck is she doing a “reset?”

May 17, 2017
My first week of grocery shopping!


I have hit my goal weight. I feel pretty good. I feel like I am in good shape. I can run more than I ever have. I workout more than I ever have. I feel more confident than I ever have.

So WHY would I go and do another cleanse? More specifically why would I do the Ultimate Reset? Why would I go through 21 days of cleansing?

Honestly, I thought these same questions myself. Why would I want to do ONE more thing when I have already done so much to get to where I am right now.

Here is why:

Though I eat healthy a majority of the time, I have also been dependent on some prepackaged foods. If you are like me and always busy, feeling like you are running a mile a minute, you try to find the way to be the healthiest, cheapest and fastest throughout the day. I was eating vegan sausages every single day because they were easy and quick and tasty. And I thought well, if they are vegan they must be super healthy, right? NOPE!! Unfortunately not! When foods are packaged they are filled with preservatives and unhealthy ingredients.

Prepackaged and processed food contains sodium, added sugars, fat and unhealthy additives to keep a longer shelf life. NOT something you want to put in  your body every single day.

So this “cleanse” is not JUST a cleanse, it is a commitment to healthy living and cleaner eating for 21 days. This is to help with a lifestyle change.

Fresh Microgreen Salad


I want to be more dependent on fresh foods, fresh ingredients and clean eating rather than eating out of a bag. I want the same for my kids. So, if I want that for them then I too have to do this also.

So far I am 13 days in. I feel great. I feel refreshed. I am learning all new recipes, foods and how to make meals taste amazing without adding bad ingredients. I am excited for the next eight days!

Unlike other cleanses, with this cleanse I am not juicing or having meal replacements. I am making my meals fresh. I do continue to have my shakeology for a snack once a day which is allowed on the reset.

One big change for me is that I am not working out like I used to. I am committing to yoga for 21 days. This was a change for me because I love intense workouts so I am now being forced to slow things down and relax. Honestly, I am loving it. Yoga is a whole new workout for me and I think it is great!

So here on out….. my goal is not to lose weight but to get rid of bloat, get rid of anything bad that I have been storing in my body through years of eating packaged foods. I am hoping to feel lighter and go into the summer feeling refreshed and eating clean, raw foods!


Here’s to eight more days!


  • borvest inkral

    September 19, 2017 at 12:16 am

    excellent post.Ne’er knew this, thankyou for letting me know.

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