Healthy At Disney World

June 20, 2017


My family and I recently went to Disney World for my son’s 6th birthday. HUGE birthday present for a six year old, right? My husband and I had been planning on taking the kids at some point but after starting this new Coach Life Fitness Business venture and finding that I could make some side income for the family while being at home, we realized we had enough money saved that we could make this trip happen earlier than expected!

So off we go to Orlando, Florida for this awesome trip. My husband and I have gotten into fitness and eating healthy so we wanted to try to stay as healthy as we could! I do believe 100% in the 80/20 rule and everything in moderation. So, YES, I ate ice cream, I snacked more than I should and I indulged in my favorite foods. However, I also learned how to eat healthy while on my trip as well!

A couple tips to help make your Disney vacation healthy also!

  1. Bring a refillable water bottle. We were able to find plenty of water fountains where we could fill our water bottle and not have to pay for water or drink a sugary drink. Also restaurants and quick meal stops are happy to fill your bottle with cold water as well.
  2. Take a look at the menu’s BEFORE you go into the park. A lot of places serve french fries and hot dogs, however there are plenty of restaurants and quick service restaurants that serve healthy options. Knowing before you go can save you time and the hassle of reading each menu while standing in the heat with two whiny kids. (True story).
  3. Order the child size meal. Most of the meals served are way bigger than needed.
  4. Bring your own food. Bring in a healthy sandwich, larabars, snacks, fruit, etc. You are allowed to bring food into the park. I personally brought Shakeology (my go to) in the park and it was so easy to make right there! It kept me full for a couple hours and saved me the money of buying an expensive meal in the park. 
  5. Ask for the alternative menu for allergies. Most restaurants provide an alternative menu which have healthier options for people who may have allergies to some foods.
  6. Pick something you really want to enjoy, and ENJOY IT! You probably don’t get to go to Disney all the time so HAVE FUN, eat up and do it in moderation!


We had an amazing time in Disney and while we tried to stay healthy, we also ended up saving money. We made our trip more about the experience and less about the food. Sure, you have to eat but we enjoyed ourselves AND did so without going overboard.





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