Tips for a Healthy 4th of July

June 30, 2017

I love to party as much as the next gal. BUT, sometimes you need to tone it down a bit. I know that as I have gotten older, the decisions to go off the rails quickly catch up to me. So, on this holiday while you are spending time with family and friends, let’s keep it healthy and stay on track together!

Here are some tips on how you can do just that:

  • Stay active. Do you need to do an hour, intense weighted workout? NOPE. But you do want to stay active. Go for a walk, plan a short workout, be active with your family and friends since you all are off of work. Your community may even be planning a holiday walk/run. Look into it an go participate. 


  • Chug! Chug! Chug! — ok, not too fast. Not beers or college jungle juice, but CHUG some water. July is hot already so make it a point to stay extra hydrated. Plus, when you get to that BBQ you will be less likely to binge it if you are already filled with water.


  • Eat BEFORE you go. Eat before you go to a food filled BBQ? Yes! For me, I drink a super food shake before I get to an event that may have unhealthy, tempting choices. I don’t want to get to the party already feeling STARVED because then you will find me in the corner binge eating those delicious brownies. But, really – that has happened. 🙁
Healthy Deviled Eggs
  • Offer to bring a dish! What do you love to eat that is also healthy? BRING THAT. Then you know you will atleast have one dish to choose from that fits in your plan. Click here for a great deviled eggs recipe!


  • Do NOT hold conversations by the food. You are more likely to eat it if it is within arms reach. Make your holiday party more about the people you are with then about the food.


  • Start with the good stuff! When you get your plate ready to get food, start with the fruits, vegetables and proteins. Fill your plate with those good things before getting to the unhealthier options.


  • Eat something you LOVE. But just one, or two… 😉 Remember that you only live once, you can absolutely eat grandma’s famous mac-n-cheese. But, do so in moderation. Don’t ever deprive yourself because that isn’t fun either.

  • Skip the sweet tea and soda and stick to water. Those won’t help keep you hydrated. THEN, you can save those calories for an alcoholic drink. 😉

At the end of the day, I hope you enjoyed your family and friends. I hope you got some exercise, got outdoors, ate some good food and celebrated this wonderful country we live in!


A couple of healthy recipe options:


Have a Happy 4th of July! 

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