Top TEAM In Maryland

June 14, 2017


One year ago, I thought hey I will give coaching a shot. I knew I wanted to help people, I wanted to be fit, I wanted motivation. I thought I was just doing this as a hobby…… never DID I think that this could be what it is.

Someone PINCH me!!

This past weekend I hosted a coach wine night for some of my local coaches….

I couldn’t wait to spoil them for all their hard work and dedication to making the team stronger and helping to change lives…

And while sitting at the table, laughing and celebrating… we get the message that OUR team is the TOP team in Maryland!!

Can I say it again for fun??

And actually #18 in the region and #133 in the company which makes us in the top 1% of the whole company!

So what does that ACTUALLY mean?
It means my team kicks BUTT!
It means my team has changed more lives than MOST…
It means that my team dedicates their time to helping others…
It means that what we do MATTERS…
It means that success with this IS POSSIBLE!!!

You see that? Do you believe it now?

You CAN make fitness your business..
You CAN do this!

This train is ROLLING… and we are going places…

Are you on board?????

My team is accepting applications… fill out the form below…


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