Making the SHIFT

August 22, 2017


After meeting Chris Downing on my earned success trip in Punta Cana, I was MORE than excited to do this 3 week workout with him. Chris Downing, the workout instructor for the program Shift Shop is motivating, inspiring, authentic and everything in between. He said the right things at the right time to keep you pushing yourself.

I was SUPER excited to host a fitness accountability group exclusively for his program! In this group, we posted recipes, motivation, we supported each other, we uplifted each other, we talked about our strengths and we talked about our struggles. We all made new recipes during this workout program and found a BUNCH that we LOVED.

This program was a huge test to our inner strength because there were times it got hard, there were times where we really had to lean on each other for support but doing it and accomplishing those hard things made us stronger!

The end results?

The group lost OVER 160 lbs. I say over 160 because the results are STILL coming in and people are STILL losing weight. Pretty awesome, right?

My husband and I personally? We felt amazing after the three weeks. We shed some weight, we gained muscle, we had increased strength and endurance.


Sounds hard, could I do this if I’m not in shape?

YES! There is a modifier for each workout. Honestly, I followed that modifier sometimes. It is perfectly OK to follow the modifier as long as you KEEP GOING!

So now what is next?

Honestly, I have found so many awesome workouts through this journey that I am excited to mix it up for a week. But, I loved this workout so much that I am doing it AGAIN and incorporating it into my challenge groups again!

Want to join in?

Fill out my application below and I will get you added!


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