Getting CERTIFIED to teach Core De Force

September 8, 2017

One year ago my friend (@ashleykaskelfitness) and I went on this amazing trip to our Coach Summit in Nashville. We were so inspired by so many people that we vowed  to continue being a better us throughout the year.
We were in the Coach Summit shop (which we were addicted to) and I really wanted a jacket. AND the only jacket left was one that said “Instructor” on it. My friend said, “get it – that will motivate us to actually get certified this year.”

I was hesitant, but then I really wanted the jacket. (Yea, I will do anything to shop). I bought the jacket and ever since then my friend and I talked about getting certified. We both were nervous, we both did not have a background in fitness, we had never taught a class before…..

Actually, let me be real here —-

We were just two moms, five kids between us, we fought depression, anxiety, we worked out only 30 minutes a day, we didn’t know about instructing others on their fitness and teaching a class…. BUT – we were willing to learn and willing to step out of our comfort zone.

So we did it. We did it!!!!

Ashley, Me, our friend Kim the night before!

We drove an hour and a half away, slept in a hotel, got up at 6 in the morning to meet with celebrity fitness instructors (which is pretty amazing, by the way) and jumped right into learning a workout routine and how to teach it to others.

We were there for about 8 hours and we came out of it feeling pretty confident. We have work to do at home learning more of the routine but overall we felt great.

We conquered a fear, we conquered a limiting belief and we DID IT!!

So, now what?

We are going to be doing this workout live for our challengers and coaches in our groups. We are going to support others in the groups who want to become a live instructor. We are going to continue to grow!

Can you do this?

Super Trainer Jericho watching my form!

ABSOLUTELY! I love the way they have these instructor days set up. There is time to learn the workout, ask questions, get in depth instruction. And the learning continues when you leave because you are set up with a whole online program to keep teaching you.

Want to come watch me teach a LIVE workout? (yesssss)

We are hosting a crunch and brunch for our challengers, make sure you join in our accountability group so you are the first to hear about it!


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