Long Live the “DAD BOD”

September 22, 2017

“DAD BOD” – Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio showed his not so sculpted body on a beach, people have been labeling that “bod” the “dad bod.”

Funny thing – he isn’t even a dad, so labeling this type of “bod” a “dad bod” is giving a name to a body  that says “I am a little too busy to focus on me right now but I haven’t completely lost it.”

So why do I say Long Live the Dad Bod? Clearly, I am all about fitness and good health and maybe “dad bod” doesn’t scream “super fit.”

BUT – from my perspective. This momma is sitting in her beach chair, watching her husband building sandcastles and bringing water from the ocean to make a pool for his kids and nothing could be sexier than that dad with his shirt off doing anything and everything for his kids.

Having a “dad bod” means that this dad has his shirt off, getting some sun, spending time with his family. The “dad bod” means that he IS in-fact a dad and no, his focus isn’t always on himself. He is the dad that sometimes wakes up to his kids in his bed and can’t sneak out to get a workout in.

The dad that spends his mornings helping to making lunches and getting the kids out the door rather than working out. The dad that enjoys  his beer at the end of the day after the kids are in bed and gives himself a high five for helping to keep the kids alive that day.

The dad that slips extra chicken nuggets in his mouth from his kid’s plate and always jumps at the chance to eat pizza instead of the spaghetti squash his wife makes him eat because she “wants him to live forever.” The dad that works full time and so stopping at a gym for an extra hour a day is just taking too much time away from his family.

The dad that doesn’t miss a chance to watch his kids play sports and so he watches them exercise rather than do it himself. The dad that selflessly gives everything he has to his family and if he ends up having extra time to focus on him, he will.

That is the dad who creates the “DAD BOD” and is is about the sexiest BOD there is.
So, wives….you LOVE on that DAD BOD, you embrace that because that DAD BOD came from lots of love, late nights up, sand castle building and extra hours spent fathering some amazing children you created.

And to the owner of the DAD BOD — we love you JUST the way you are.

Keep rocking that DAD BOD, dads 😉

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