Farin Takes London – The Fitness Journey

October 26, 2017


It seems like I start every blog with “wow.” But when you are literally “wow’ed” and blown away each time you come back from a “work” trip, you start with exactly how you feel.

I am overly excited, I am passionate, I am happy, I am grateful, I am empowered.

To think that LESS than two years ago I was a depressed mom of two, overweight, knew not much about nutrition and exercise and then to fast forward two years and I am in LONDON representing my team in health and fitness.

Not only that but I was meeting and training the newest coaches who joined in from the U.K. How amazing is that? I absolutely LOVED that the people in the U.K. were so excited to hit the ground running as a coach. They couldn’t wait to learn as much as they could about the business, about helping people and about making a difference.

So, more on this amazing trip….

We flew in, got settled, got dressed and went straight to the champagne bar at the Tower 42 restaurant in London. Talk about jumping right into fancy London life. I was speechless being in there and being at the top floor looking over the city with champagne in hand.

The next day we spent exploring London, eating, drinking, getting to know the culture and of course doing a little business on the side. That was the day coaches could OFFICIALLY sign up and so I was busy helping everyone make sure they were set and ready. {It doesn’t feel like “work” when you are so passionate about it and your JOB is to help other people be successful.}

Friday morning, we got up early, walked to Hyde Park and I co-taught a LIVE workout in the park. I was so nervous to do this workout. I stayed up the night before writing down the routine and replaying it in my head. It wasn’t exactly warm out, the ground was wet but the workout went PERFECT. We were able to do a mashup workout and the fact that we were in London teaching what we teach at home was simply AMAZING. Never in my LIFE did I think I would be teaching in LONDON!

That night we hosted a PRIVATE event at the Dartmouth House in London for our new coaches. We gave incredible trainings, we hugged everyone, had snacks, drinks, laughed and cried. It was an AMAZING event to not just be apart of but to HOST.
The whole trip was incredible.

And what it really boils down to is that it all started with one DECISION. One choice to TRY something, to throw out limiting beliefs, to follow a dream and to put myself FIRST.

It is OK to go for what you want. It is ok to DREAM big. It is ok to start from nothing.

BEACUSE — if you simply go for what you want. You are already doing more than you thought, you are already making that effort, you are already changing your life and you are on

your way to SUCCESS. 

So, why NOT you?

Why not YOU right NOW, right here, at this very moment as you are reading my words.

Why NOT you?

Because the minute I started to say Why NOT ME? …….. My whole life changed.


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