Orlando Leadership Retreat – How? Why? Why NOT you?

October 3, 2017


I am full of inspiration, motivation and passion after this past weekend’s leadership retreat in Orlando, Florida.

I always leave these events feeling overwhelmed with an abundance of information. However, it is a good sense of overwhelming. My cup is filled, my heart is full and I am excited to continue to grow with my team. 

So, what exactly is a leadership retreat?

A large group of us come together to stay in an amazing house, with amazing food, listen to amazing training and we literally have a retreat. It is a retreat from the day to day hustle, the extra noise at home, the business of our lives and we retreat to a place where we are catered to, where we are treated and where we can rebuild ourselves.

What EXACTLY did we do?

We spent the first day with a champagne toast, eating dinner, getting to know eachother, playing games and really bonding.

The next day we did some training with corporate representatives, successful coaches and we implanted our training with everyone.

We had great meals served to us, amazing drinks, we swam in the pool, watched movies in the big screen movie theatre room and we spent time getting to know every person in the group.


On the last full day we all headed to Epcot together as a team. We laughed, we drank around the world, we went on rides, we really enjoyed this time to ourselves that we had EARNED.

Each morning we did a LIVE workout led by one of our very own instructors. Even after late nights, you may be exhausted but you are SO excited to workout with your friends and be instructed by someone who has trained for this. You don’t want to stop because you want to push your limits for THEM more than yourself. And then after we all join in to eat bacon.

This trip meant so much to me. More than anything, I love the relationships I have built through this trip. I have met so many amazing people, amazing women, leaders, moms, girl bosses, and overall inspiring people.

I quickly realized that everyone on this trip had a starting point. They were in a darker spot, they didn’t love their bodies, they didn’t know who they were yet. And then they joined in, the committed themselves, the worked on making themselves better and then they worked on paying that forward to others.

And because of that passion, they have built a life for themselves, an income for their family and they are leaving an impact on this world.

They say to surround yourself with those that push you to be a better person. This retreat was me doing EXACTLY that. I surrounded myself with people who pushed me to be better, people who inspired me and people who had a passion for helping others.


I LOVED this trip and I am so excited to go on the one and take ever more of my team!

Is this for you?

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