When we let FEAR stop us from reaching our FULL potential

October 17, 2017


Not fear of the dark or fear of clowns. But real fear.  The fear that is deep rooted within you. The fear that makes butterflies fly in your stomach, the fear that makes your heart pound, the fear that makes you sad, depressed and feel lonely.

Have you had it? Have you had that fear? Yes. I am going to answer it for you. Because we all have that moment in our life when fear overwhelms us. That moment when you question yourself which then creates even MORE fear.

The thing about fear is that you can either embrace it, grow from it and go through it OR you can run from it, you can let it control you and you can let FEAR stop you from reaching your true potential.

A couple months ago this amazing opportunity was presented to me to go to the United Kingdom for my health and fitness coaching. I IMMEDIATELY jumped at the opportunity. I was so excited to travel and do something that I LOVED. THEN – that fear started to come over me. I had the butterflies, the heart pounding, the all alone feeling all at once. And I questioned myself.

I let FEAR dictate how I felt about myself. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for this. Maybe I wasn’t good enough. Maybe this wasn’t a good choice. Maybe now was not the right time. Maybe I needed to be a coach longer. Maybe I needed to meet more people first.

BUT – none of those things were true. I WAS cut out for this. {And even if I wasn’t, how would I know if I didn’t give it a shot?} I WAS good enough. This IS a good choice. NOW was the right time. {If we keep waiting for the “RIGHT” time, we could wait our whole lives.} I didn’t need to be a coach LONGER. My passion is happening RIGHT now. And meeting people? That is the WHOLE point. To travel and meet people.

So, I kicked that FEAR to the curb. I stopped letting it control me and I went for it anyway.

The thing is….. FEAR will halt you sometimes. It will keep you from reaching your full potential… BUT, ONLY if you let it. FEAR will only do what you let it do.
So stand strong, push through the fear, do the things that scare you, do the things that give you butterflies….

Because —

“What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do. ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

See you soon, U.K. — I’m coming! 🙂



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