Stop Elfin’ Around

December 1, 2017


The holidays are coming, you can smell the cookies in the air, the treats people are making, the ovens are on, the fires are burning, and there seems to be just NO time for anything, right?

BUT – in the back your mind you keep telling yourself that THIS was the year you were going to get it together. THIS was the year you were going to work on yourself. And here we are in December and the year is about to end so for a SECOND you think about waiting until 2018.

The answer to that little voice in your head is NO. NO NO NO NO NO!
This is STILL your year. You can STILL get fit. You can still go into 2018 putting your health first and working on YOU. You are worth it, right??????? RIGHT!


I am making an EXCLUSIVE group just for people who:

– LOVE Christmas
– LOVE Christmas cookies
– LOVE holiday dinners
– Want to be healthier this holiday
– Want to find healthier recipes (without sacrificing the holiday goodies)
– Want to only do SHORT workouts (we are busy enough this holiday, right? )
– Want to go INTO the new year weighing 5-10lbs LESS!
We are going to STOP ELFIN’ AROUND and learn how to have a great holiday while also getting amazing results!!!!
More JINGLE – LESS Jiggle!
Got it???
Are you ready????

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.
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