My Full Circle Moment

January 16, 2018

My full circle moment. The moment that I was standing on stage at the Pittsburgh Super Saturday last weekend and I was telling my story in front of hundreds of people. The moment I conquered every fear that I had and did something that helped me grow as person. The moment that I OWNED my success and stood on stage to train others on doing the same.

What’s this all about, huh? Well, if you aren’t in my little fitness world right now. (But you should be soon 😉 )…. I joined in as a fitness coach two years ago and attended my first ever event. At the event there were parties, inspiring stories, live workouts and a special training. I came into this training and I sat all the way in the back. I heard so many amazing stories that I laughed, cried, and was honestly a little jealous of their success.

These women were happy, successful, fit, running a business with passion and I wanted to be one of them. I turned to my friend, who came with me to the training, and said “Wow, wouldn’t it be cool to be on stage?” And she said “You could totally do that. ” I looked at her like she was crazy. How could I do that? How could a normal, mom of two, who still had weight to lose, become a successful girl boss fitness coach?


You do the work. You believe in yourself. You keep going. You trust in the program. You do the trainings. You ask for support. You attend events. You grow yourself. You TAKE ACTION.

Life Rewards Action.

So in that moment, I could have done one of two things. I could have gone back to my room, packed my bags, went home and just dreamed about being a success. OR, I could go to my room, get inspired, think of how I can be successful in my own way and take ACTION.

As you can bet, I took ACTION.
In less than two years, I reached my goals. I earned enough money to be able to stay home more with kids. I replaced my full time income. I helped grow a team and become the TOP coach in Maryland and in the TOP 1% of the company. I helped people lose MORE than 1,000 pounds. (Yep, the world is a lot lighter now). I have earned 3 Success Club All Inclusive Vacations. I have traveled to London because of coaching. I have been on three leaderships retreats, hosted one of my own and I am currently planning my next one.
I have surpassed every goal, every dream, every vision I had and did better than ever expected.

So this was my full circle moment. The moment I stood on stage and PROVED that a “normal” mom of two, with no degree in marketing, no expertise in coaching, no huge following on social media… could actually reach her goals and become the girl on the stage inspiring others.

So, how will YOU take action?

My team is currently enrolling our NEXT rockstar coaches into our New Coach Training. And you have the opportunity to have your own Full Circle Moment.

Why not you? Why not now?

Fill out below and we will get started!!


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