One Week Down

January 23, 2018

Officially one week down into a brand new intense workout program. This is all new with new workouts, new equipment, new meal plans, new recipes and new people!

I have accepted only the most MOTIVATED people into my BETA TEST group where we are committing to getting amazing results together!

So, how did the first week go?

The first week into the program, we were all getting used to the nutrition plan, asking a lot of questions, supporting each other and letting this test group push us to stay strong without cheating.
The workouts have been exciting because there is a different workout each day. I never felt bored with the workout and was always excited for the next move.

The first week brought on some headaches from the sugar detox that we were all going through. We stayed strong and filled ourselves with a bunch of water, made sure we were eating enough and not skipping out on meals.

We also traveled in the first week and we were tested by pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries and alcohol but we stayed strong and packed our meals. Having everything planned out and in a container made it much easier to stay on plan.

The biggest complaint in the first week?

“How am I going to eat all of this food?”
This was brought up about 20 times in our group. The meal plan is actually packed with food so you never feel deprived. You may have cravings because you are used to eating a certain way but you are never hungry. Perfect way to start a brand new program.

How were the first week RESULTS?

So what can happen in a week when you commit to your workouts and nutrition?
Honestly, the results varied. Some people maintained their weight, some people gained a couple pounds and some people lost weight. ALL  of these things are normal.

Me, personally?
I lost 6.2 lbs. (I actually ate a stuffed crust pizza before I started the program and gained about 5lbs so I was working off what I gained.) My husband also lost 6lbs.
All in all we feel great. We are supporting each other with sticking to our nutrition, helping each other wake up and get our workout in and reminding each other why we started.

My Beta Test Group is CRUSHING this. I have never been around more positive supportive people and it is an amazing feeling to be with them doing this together. We are becoming a little family.

Can you still join in?


There is still time to join in our group and get these amazing results with us!!!


Fill out the application below. 


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