From Introvert to Jet Setter – Why NOT you?

February 13, 2018

From the girl who couldn’t walk into a room by herself, to the girl who jet setting across the world, across the county and is off living her dream.

That girl is me.

Two years ago, I joined in on this amazing journey as a health and fitness coach. I knew I wanted to help people love their bodies as I was learning to love my own.

I didn’t know much about what I was joining into except that their mission was to help others achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

And every single person I saw who was doing the same thing looked SO DARN HAPPY.

Happiness? Helping? Income?


So here I am two years later writing this blog as I am on an airplane back to my family and all I feel right now is BLESSED.

I can’t believe that I was able to travel from one coast to another and have been INVITED to an exclusive event in Los Angeles, California.

This was the New Leader Conference where I was able to meet up with my coaching besties, mingle, eat, drink and celebrate our accomplishments.

We arrived and were able to tour of our headquarters. We were treated to an amazing hotel. (Seriously, isn’t that every mom’s dream to have a quiet room to herself and a big bed with no one else in it?) YES!!!

My friends and I also had the opportunity to hike to the Hollywood sign. (Seriously, most amazing hike.) And then went to Rodeo drive and explored a bit. 

We had an opening reception, we met with other leaders, we bonded, we met a celebrity trainer, we worked out with a celebrity trainer in a private workout, we ate great food, we were treated to dinner, lunch, champagne, presents… pretty much everything that would excite you!

I will say the best part of the whole trip was being around the people that I have come to meet who have become best friends. We all share the same passions, the same goals, we want to help others and be successful.

I can’t imagine why ANYONE would not want to do this!

It is literally the best job EVER!

Imagine all the opportunities you could have by simply making ONE decision to start believing in YOURSELF!

So if you took the time to read this…
And a little part of you got excited..
A little part of you got passionate…
A little part of you saw the potential within you…

Think to yourself….. Why NOT me? Why can’t I do this same exact thing?

Because you CAN!

My next coach training is enrolling and you are invited to join in on this amazing venture.

Fill out the application below.

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