Inspiring Women – Deep Creek Leadership Retreat

March 16, 2018

If you would have told me two years ago that when I first decided to be a coach {only joined for the discount at first}, that I would be TREATING a team full of leading women to a PRIVATE retreat in Deep Creek, MD…. I would have thought you were crazy!

I had no plans to grow a business, no plans to become a top team, no plans to change this many lives.
However, I did have PASSION. I knew I wanted to help other women feel good in their skin. I wanted to help other mommas love their post baby bodies and embrace it. I wanted to help women find their REASON for putting themselves first every now and then.

And by simply having that PASSION, I have been able to successfully lead an amazing team of amazing, driven men and women. {It’s not all women over here šŸ˜‰ }.

So to treat my team, I put together a Leadership Retreat where I booked an INCREDIBLE house, with a hot

tub, pool table, many rooms, fireplaces (there were a couple), large kitchen an AMAZING view and brought everyone together to celebrate our amazing job and to continue on being leaders.

Everyone arrived Friday afternoon and they were greeted with some gifts. Personal retreat shirts with all their words of the year, hand made glasses with their word, and some other cute things for them. We had a champagne toast to start the night, had a delicious mexican dinner with margaritas and incredible guacamole. We got to know eachother, laugh, cry, talk, bond…. it was like everyone was instant family.

Saturday morning we woke up and did a workout together then hurried to get dressed and cleaned up so we would be ready for the professional photographer to come and take pictures of everyone. Jessica Fike Photography came and she was simply AMAZING!!!! She made everyone feel so good in their skin. She fit right in with our crowd.

We did trainings, we learned a lot from each other and then we went right back to eating. Everyone brought amazing dishes to share! We then went hiking to Swallow Falls. It was the most amazing view and hike to do together.

All in all we simply bonded. We took this opportunity to really appreciate what coaching as done for us. We were all different. Some had kids, some were married, some didn’t have kids, some weren’t married, some were stay at home moms, some were full time teachers, nurses, nanny’s, vet techs, X-ray techs….. There is no cookie cutter coach. You can be

from any background, you can be whomever you want to be….
You just have a passion for helping others…
And that is what our team is all about.

I loved every minute with the coaches on the retreat and I can’t wait to spoilthem again.

And the best part??
Our team is GROWING!
There is enough success to go around for everyone.
YOU can do this too.


Why NOT you?



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