Sasha Hewitt #Diabadass Success Story

April 16, 2018


I am so excited to feature this amazing friend of mine on my blog for my feature success story! She joined in last year and was so excited about coaching, helping others and also working on her own fitness and health. Her story is unique…. she is a type 1 diabetic. While she could have easily used her struggle as an excuse, she instead used it as her REASON and has managed her diabetes and her health at the same time and the RESULTS have been incredible. She is also SUPER motivating, she posts on her facebook daily inspiring others to keep going towards their goals. Find her here!

I set up a little interview with Sasha to not only celebrate her and her accomplishments but also in hopes to inspire someone else!

1. What have your results been so far?

My results for this program has not been weight loss but loss in inches. As well as, started to tone up. My arm muscles are the biggest they have ever been and my waist the smallest since high school. I, also, feel like my face has gotten slimmer. Oh and my booty has definitely grown. Jeans that were too big in that area are now fitting their but too big in the waist.


2. What has been your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle has been keeping up with the meal plan on the weekends. Not that I am getting off track and eating the wrong foods. I just am not getting all the meals in and my timing has been off. Also, I was having a hard time in the beginning with my diabetes because I was dealing with low sugars due to my carb intake changing and my physical activity. But once I changed my dosage I have been good. So good that I have stayed in range the last 3 weeks.


3. You have type 1 diabetes… can you tell about that? How did you get diagnosed? What do you have to do every day?

I was diagnosed at age 20. I was having the typical symptoms of being thirsty non-stop and peeing constantly. I still remember the day when I went to a friend in my office and told him that I had these symptoms (my dad is type 2 but I didn’t know anything about diabetes) and he said Sasha I think you may be diabetic. I said no that can’t be. So I went home and told my mom. She grabbed my dad glucose meter and when the number popped up it was life changing and scary. I was at 495 – normal is below 120. I was told I should of been in a coma. Luckily my mom had a friend at the hospital that could get me into a diabetic doctor within a week.

So every night I have to give myself long acting insulin – levemir- to control the glucose that my liver naturally produces throughout the day. Then throughout the day I have to give myself short acting insulin – Novolog – to cover all the carbs that I consume. Which means for every meal I have to calculate how many carbs I am consuming. I, also, throughout the day have to check my glucose levels by pricking my finger and putting my blood into a test strip that has been inserted into my glucometer. I usually do this about 10 + times a day depending on my eating and activity level. Lets just say its a ton of calculating this is just touching the basics and dosage can change within a day. Its something you learn to adjust for because everything affects your numbers and your insulin dosage. Also, no two type one diabetics are the same, which makes this even more complicated because what works for someone may not work for someone else.



4. How has having diabetes effected your fitness journey?

Diabetes constantly affects my fitness journey because fitness affects my diabetes. So when working out you are burning calories, so if you have insulin in your system it cause your numbers to drop. This in turn means you need to stop and get some carbs in your system. But a workout at the same time could cause your numbers to increase because your liver is putting out more glucose to give your body the energy it needs to complete the workout. Such as cardio usually makes me drop whereas a HIIT workout can make me go up. But sometimes it doesn’t work that way and I have to correct after my workout or stop midway for some carbs. But changing my diet to low carb helps because it means my liver has less stored glucose to put out so a glucose dump during my workout is less likely.


But with this program and me really wanting to stay on track instead of reaching for a candy bar or sugary item, I’ve got healthier items such as dried figs. Oh, also, I tend to workout in the morning because workouts have caused me to have very bad lows overnight before when I did it in the evening. You could go high during your workout and then next thing you know drop real quick. This is because your body is still burning calories after a workout and then I am putting insulin in my system that is not needed. But this isn’t the case all the time, so being able to deal with these circumstances throughout the day instead of when I am sleeping and aware of whats occurring. But again this doesn’t always occur and I, also, correct for a higher number. Being high for long periods of time can cause big health issues down the road.

5. What advice would you give to someone else who has diabetes and wants to get fit?

Stay on top of your numbers and listen to your body. It won’t be easy in the beginning but it will be worth it in the long run. It will help keep your numbers under control and increase your insulin sensitivity. Which overall can help you loose weight. (too much insulin can keep weight on). Also, get your endo or diabetic educator involved. They can help you learn how to adjust your numbers throughout your fitness journey.


6. What is your goal right now?

My goal right now is to really tone up and grow that booty. I want to get my body in the best physical shape of my life so when my husband and I decide to have a kid my body is ready – both physically & with my diabetes.


7. What is your favorite Disney movie?

Snow White

Sasha and I are running a fitness accountability group and YOU are invited to join in, get amazing results and make YOU a priority.

Fill out the application below to join in!


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