Rowaida Touma Success Story

May 16, 2018


WOW! —- After you pick up your jaw off the floor……
Let me tell you about this beauty right here. Rowaida and I connected online and I was INSTANTLY inspired by her. She had a mission, she was motivated and she already saw a vision for getting results and helping others. She ever doubted herself. She joined in, trusted the process, did a BRAND NEW program, got amazing results, and now she is apart of our fit family!


I was so excited to ask her some questions and share the love in hopes of inspiring even MORE mommas out there!!


1. What have your results been so far?

I have seen an amazing transformation in only 13 weeks. My body composition has changed, I have slimmed down a ton and starting to wear clothes I have not worn in years. I have lost just over 15 lbs so far and as many inches.



2. What has been your biggest struggle?

Being ok with making enough time for myself to go on this journey. Between my corporate career and my young family, the end of day hit and I was exhausted. It would be very late and I would literally cry because I knew I had to do something. I knew I was not happy with the way I felt and looked. But had no energy, mentally and physically, to change anything.


3. How did you overcome that struggle? 

I knew I wanted to change things and I knew I wanted to inspire other mothers going through the same thing I had been for years. I decided to get back into fitness somehow. I was so fit and athletic for so much of my life then nothing for 10 years. I was searching for the “how” so I re-certified myself as a personal trainer but was still searching for something more concrete. The need to do this started a mental process that needed to happen for any change to happen. The ‘how’ turned out to be getting involved with Beachbody. I jumped into coaching before starting anything. I experienced an awesome program launch that I was able to participate in from A to Z AND I got to be exposed to Beachbody from the back end. The support, the training…life changing.


4. What did you do to get to your goals?

Without even thinking I just did the program. Whatever it asked. My problem in the past was thinking too much…that’s when the “logical” part of me would come through and say how I am a career woman, mom and wife and I had no time for this…so I just did not think. The program required something, I just did it. I trusted the process and just did it. The first two weeks were really tough…I had not followed anything this consistently in over a decade when I was a competitive athlete. But 50 pounds over weight…nothing. SO I just did everything. Trusted the process and after the first four weeks, there was drastic physical changes and that was it…that catapulted me forward and to continue pushing.


5. What is your favorite personal development book and why? 

I have not read too many just yet but from the handful I did read I have to say it’s The Compound Effect. It is so simple and all about one concept but it resonated with me. I had not been consistent about anything for myself in forever and it spoke to all the small changes done consistently, continually. I read this from early on and applied it. Applied it with my training, my nutrition, my day to day…


6. What is your goal right now?

I had so much to lose. I transformed with the first program I did that lasted 13 weeks…but the journey is far from over. I have got about 30 pounds to go and I would love to hit that by summer’s end.


7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?

Stay consistent and do not think too much about it. If it is something you want for yourself, just get up and do it. The feeling should be the same as when you are in bed, open your eyes in the morning and realize you are 10 minutes late because you did not set your alarm and you just jump out of bed and quickly start getting ready…starting your day. That is the feeling. The moment those negative thoughts come through, the moment they that doubt starts creeping over just stop, “jump up” and go do it. And do that EVERY DAY! Do not think…do! And trust the process.


8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why? 

I have not seen any recent ones but if I had to think of my own childhood I would say Beauty and the Beast. As logical as I may be I am a romantic at heart. I still love that movie today but probably for different reasons from when I was a kid. I love it because it is about seeing the beauty inside and how that can impact your life and yourself physically, as well.


9. What made you want to be a coach?

My need to make other women like me, going through that ‘rut’, that being stuck in a routine that involves helping the whole world but themselves and feeling secretly so sad inside but feeling guilty to say anything because of how it may sound. I want to help those women get out of that rut. And after seeing how quickly it could happen I can’t help but share this with others. If I could help one person….amazing.


10. How has coaching changed you?

Coaching has changed my goals career wise. I thought it could be just a small thing I would do on the side for fun as an extension to personal training and my corporate job and hopefully would continue to help me stay accountable. BUT, being immersed in it and falling completely in love with this awesome organization, I want more. It has given me, personally, putting aside helping others, the hope that I can be successful in a different career, outside my comfort zone all while BEING AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY. I was working 60 hour weeks in my corporate job. I would spend more time in my car in traffic getting to and from the office than I would with my own kids. I don’t want to miss the important moments anymore. And how amazing is it that I could work towards that all while working towards my fitness goals AND helping others so the same. Can someone pinch me? Love it!


You can follow Rowaida Touma on Facebook and Instagram @rowaidatoumafitness!

She is STILL going and still inspiring everyone around!
She is proof that YOU can do anything you put your mind to and you absolutely can get to your goals!

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