Melissa Sue Success Story

July 18, 2018

I love sharing other people’s journey. I love shouting out people who commit to being a better them. I remember when this amazing girl told me she wanted to get healthy. She was doing this for HER, solely her. She was told to get weight loss surgery….. and yet she CHOSE to do this herself. I will FOREVER think she is one of the most amazing, inspiring people, because she CHOSE to do this HER way.

So I couldn’t wait to ask her questions to share with YOU!


1. What have your results been so far?


I started at 260 pounds around Thanksgiving 2016. Today I sit around
220 pounds.


My Measurements

Starting Sizes:

  • Pants: XXLG pants, Target size 20 and Torrid size 16
    (but on the verge of an 18)
  • Shirt: XXLG

Current sizes:

  • Pants: LG pants (XLG of cut tight), Target size 14 and Torrid size 12
  • Shirt: LG


Measurements (Starting 243″ | Current 204″):

Chest: 42″ | 36″

Right Arm: 18″ | 15.5″

Left Arm: 18″ | 16″

Waist: 48″ | 42″

Hips: 53″ | 44.5″

Right Leg: 31″ | 25″

Left Leg: 31″ | 25″


2. What has been your biggest struggle?


Honestly, before I started, it was a choice between weight loss surgery or making the decision to change my lifestyle and put the work in. During I think comparing my journey to others. Thinking that I should be further along in my weight loss than I am.


3. How did you overcome that struggle?


I look back every once in a while and I see where I was, how much I disliked what I saw in the mirror, how unhappy I was, how I had no self confidence in myself or my ability to do anything physical. Carrying an infant up one flight of stairs had my winded.



4. What did you do to get to your goals?


I am not at my end goal yet, but hard work. My results did not happen overnight. And I think that is why most people stop. Because it is hard and we do not see results as quickly as we think we should. I had an amazing support system, people wanted me to succeed and people who became family. It took a while for my family to get behind my decision. They supported me, but I know they had their doubts.


5. What is your favorite personal development book and why?


I would have to say Girl, Wash Your Face because a lot of what she said resonated with me. Her life sounded a lot like mine in some ways.


6. What is your goal right now?


To be healthy. It used to be that I wanted to be skinny. But skinny is not necessarily healthy. I do not want to have to take medicine for illnesses that I could have potentially prevented.


7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?


Do not give up, believe in the system. And use the support groups. Use them as your accountability. Use them when you are feeling down and want that ice cream. Show up. Because of you show up, you will see changes.


8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?


Beauty and the Beast. Because we all too often judge abook by it is cover and potentially miss out on meeting people/adventures/chances. Plus it is a beautiful story.


9. What made you want to be a coach?


My coach. Told me to sign up for the discount. And I believe shortly after that I signed my first customer.


10. How has coaching changed you?


It’s changed my life in so many ways..Where to begin.

Without coaching, I’d probably still be full time in a job that was wearing me down physically,emotionally, and mentally.

Without coaching, I would have quit this journey. I probably would have given up somewhere in 2016. Coaching held me accountable. So even if I wasn’t giving it 100% I still had to show up becausesomewhere, someone was watching me. Either to fail or for motivation.

Without coaching, I wouldn’t have these people that I can call friends. I wouldn’t have met some prettycool people.

Without coaching, I’m pretty sure that I would still be the super shy girl standing in the corner of the room, to scared to approach anyone. Now…

  1. I do not mind being alone, it does not scare me anymore. I can go eat by myself, have a drink myself… does not matter
  2. I will make small talk with people now

Without coaching, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to travel to the places that I have.

Without coaching… I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to help others find their way to a healthierlifestyle. I just want to help others love themselves. Everyone should love themselves! I have some pretty amazing ladies under me.

You can follow Melissa here —    and on instagram

Now, why NOT you?

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