Motivated 2 Inspire Goes to INDY

July 5, 2018


How do you sum up an amazing weekend away?

You don’t.

When you have such an incredible weekend that changes your life, fills your cup, fuels you up, and inspires you…. you can’t simply sum that up. Because, these are moments that stick with you forever and are the moments that make you look back and be proud of all you have accomplished. 

BUT, I can tell you what this weekend meant to me and what we did…… but to get the true effect, you have to be there 😉 

So, this past weekend, I gathered my team together and we met in Indianapolis, Indiana for our annual COACH Summit. 

Summit is where all coaches come together to celebrate, to do live workouts, to talk new goals, to get motivate and to most of all inspire eachother to continue to live healthier, happier lives. 

The day we go there we met and received our medals and ribbons for a year’s worth of work. We met some of each other for the first time, we hugged, we squealed, we acted like we had known eachother our whole lives! 

We all dressed up and went to our opening ceremony. This can be super exciting for the moms like me who wear yoga pants and a ponytail at home 90% of the time. So dressing up with your friends and being recognized feels amazing. 

The next morning, we did a PRIVATE workout with celebrity fitness trainer Chris Downing. Nothing beats working out LIVE with the super trainer you workout with in the morning in your home. 

We were able to attend private trainings and hear from amazing guest speakers. By the end of this, the team had pages and pages of notes to take home. 

One of my favorite parts of this event is the SUPER workout in the middle of the street. The streets are shut down, music is playing, it is still dark out when people are walking up to the event and we all get together to workout to ALL of the super trainers. It is a HUGE mashup workout! 

At the end of this, we celebrate at the closing ceremony. The winners of the transformations are announced (which always has me in tears). We celebrate everyone’s success and end with my team on stage. 

This event inspires me every single year. I am beyond proud of my team, I am proud of myself and I am proud of this whole company. 

We continue to blow our goals out of the water. To be apart of a company and to be a “coach” in helping other people acheive healthy and fulfilling lives is beyond incredible. 

This weekend was about my team… and there is no where else I would rather be then celebrating them and this opportunity we have been given. 

How can you come next year??

You just come. You take a leap of faith, you join in the top team, you get under our wings and we take you with us for the BEST TRIP EVER!




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