Run 2 Inspire

September 9, 2018

Two years ago, two moms came together to start their OWN fitness journey. They had enough of hating their body, enough of the “mom-bod” and wanted to be role models for their kids. And that started with first loving themselves. With short workouts and clean eating, these two moms found a love of self love, and wanted to pay that love forward.

They started a team of motivated individuals on Team Motivated 2 Inspire. Together, they would come together to inspire other women to not just live a healthy life but to truly learn to love the skin they were in.

That team continues to grow and after two years, they have helped people lose well OVER 2,000 pounds. (Yes, you read that right… TWO THOUSAND pounds).

The girls did some races together, did new things that challenged them, invited others to do it with them and made an effort to complete races that were for non profit organizations that raised awareness. This thought came up…. What if we could inspire others to not just run for themselves but run (or walk) for someone else. What if we could get active AND inspire others to HELP others and raise awareness.

Run 2 Inspire is a not for profit page where we help inspire others to raise awareness for your cause. We help you promote your cause, help you with training for your race, and help you with fundraising!
Our goal is to not only help people get healthy but do so while getting active for those who can’t

We are Sweatin’ for a Cause.

How can you join in and help?

– You can LIKE & Share the Run 2 Inspire facebook page to grow support for this movement!

– You can message us and we will help you raise money for the charity of your choice. Tell us about your next race or fundraising event.

– You can order a RUN 2 INSPIRE shirt and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity of your choice. (Order Below)



(note: If this is a NON-LOCAL pickup, e-mail to order directly)


Make sure to tag #run2inspire so we can find you and MESSAGE Run 2 Inspire on facebook or email with the picture of you and your shirt and your cause to get featured on the page and help with fundraising!


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