Megan de Wit Success Story

October 17, 2018


I love a good success story. I love seeing other people’s journey and  getting that feeling that if they can do it, I can do it too. And, I remember when this beauty came into my life. She was the easiest person to join in. She saw what I had done and knew she could do it too. I said “here do this” and she did it. I said “you are so inspiring, you should be a coach like me” and she did it. And this girl has been rocking it ever since!

She has not only been an amazing partner to do this with, but an amazing friend. If this girl ever messages you or talks to you or follows up with you, she GENUINELY wants to help you be better.

I was lucky to have her answer questions on her success….


1. What have your results been so far?


My results have varied from weight loss, to toning up areas I never imagined I could tone, to even helping me better control my insane sweet tooth! I have also gained more self confidence, which is really big for me!


2. What has been your biggest struggle?


My biggest struggle has honestly been myself; my inner monologue is not kind and it has taken a long time to shove it down and quit listening to it telling me I can not do something! This journey has helped me stomp it so far down. I am a huge introvert and get anxiety over a lot of things that even brings me close to depression at times. Fitness has given me an outlet for that anxiety and depressive feelings.


3. How did you overcome that struggle?


I kept showing up and I kept checking into my accountability groups; even if I did not post anything, seeing the other posts were inspiring and motivating enough for me to keep working out and working on myself!


4. What did you do to get to your goals?


Everytime I did not want to keep going, I would remind myself why I started and why I NEEDED to keep going. I did not want to go back to the depressed and isolating person I was before I started this journey. Sometimes I even wrote my goals out so they were on paper. I just kept them in the front of my mind and pushed myself until I reached them one by one, regardless of how slowly it took at times.



5. What is your favorite personal development book and why?


I really enjoyed Girl, Wash Your Face. It really spoke to me on so many levels; the author shares so many relatable moments that I instantly felt a connection to her! She was no-nonsense in her message but in such a way that it did not feel like you were being scolded or put down, but rather in an inviting way.


6. What is your goal right now?


My goal is to keep inspiring people to get fit and live a healthier life. It is so easy in this world today to find cheap and unhealthy options; but in the long run it is not truly saving anyone anything. I want people like me, introverted and anxiety ridden, to know that they do not have to feel like that anymore. That you CAN beat the anxiety and an introvert CAN find a tribe of their own!


7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?


Baby steps, man. Do not try to accomplish everything at once because you are just going to get overwhelmed! If your goal is to lose weight, focus on that first and only that. And have fun while doing it; get others involved with you, create tasty and healthy recipes, and fall in love with new ways of being fit and active (hiking or running!). And find a tribe to join, one that is going to be there to motivate you to keep showing up and loving yourself.


8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?


Hands down, The Little Mermaid. I have loved it since I was three and have been called a mermaid all my life because I love swimming and being in the ocean. I even wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up; actually, I still do!


9. What made you want to be a coach?


Originally being a coach was just a way for me to save some money on my superfoods shake. Eventually it turned into a way for a very introverted young woman to make friends, break down the barrier of my comfort zone, and actually inspire people to join her. I never knew how much joy it would bring me to have someone tell me that I inspired them to start their own journey. After that, I knew I wanted to keep reaching out and sharing my heart with others in the hopes that other people out there would start loving themselves and their bodies again.


10. How has coaching changed you?


Coaching has changed me in so many ways! I have more courage now. I am not filled with as much anxiety as I used to be. I can sweat away my depressed feelings instead of wallowing in them. I have more friends
now than I think I ever have in my life. And coaching has actually brought me closer to God because I know I can’t do any good with this without Him in the center of it, so it has driven me to get back into studying the Bible and doing spiritual personal development alongside my regular personal development.





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