Little Farin – My Story

January 19, 2019

When I was 8 years old, I lived in an RV. 🚐

And not like a trailer park RV, but an actual RV on wheels with a hitch and that was parked in the middle of a dirt yard where “dreams” of building a home would be. 

I didn’t get to have friends over… where would they stay? I moved so much for a couple years, parents chasing money and dreams that would never happen, that it was hard to make those long lasting friendships. 

I lied about my house, I said I had a big room with a ton of toys and the biggest barbie playhouse you have ever seen. I was a big fat liar. 

And it was the first day of school after the holidays that I lied the most. The teacher went around asking everyone what their favorite thing was they got for Christmas…..

My stomach was turning… 
ALL of the kids got the most amazing gifts. 
(We lived in Pennsylvania at the time, so legit some girl got a HORSE — REALLY?!! a horse!?!?)

But all I could keep thinking while they went around the room, was WHY did Santa bring them all of these things? 
Why didn’t he bring me this stuff? 
Was it because I didn’t have a big house (or a house at all), or because only richer kids got nicer things? 
I was sad. I was angry. And I felt betrayed by this magical Christmas big guy. 

SOoooo — I am very mindful when I talk about Santa. 
There is going to be another little Farin somewhere who doesn’t get all those nice things and will wonder why they weren’t chosen by the big guy to get them…. 

Ready for this?? 😮

I’m not telling my kids Santa gave them their about to be brand new Bike and Barbie dream house…… 🏰 🚲 

Mom and Dad got it. Mom and Dad worked really hard for it…. when you see mommy working at her computer, talking about helping people get healthy and getting on calls, waking up early, that is what she is doing it for… so YOU, my sometimes sweet little angels, can have all the things I didn’t.

Yes, Santa will bring some things… 🎅🏼
But Mommy and Daddy brought you most..💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♂️

And I love the spirit of Christmas and the fun of Santa but I also love that I am ABLE to provide for my kids.. I am able to give them nice things….

and it is 100% because I work hard to do so. I had a dream to have a job that I would love. And I did it. And you may get messages from me at 1am and see that I was up late, see that I’m up early, see that I am chasing dreams and goals….

BUT — it is 100% because I don’t want my kids to have to be “little Farin” — and I want my family to have a life that I didn’t get to experience….

So through passion, determination and the best job ever…… This is possible 🙂 


Why not you?

You can ABSOLUTELY make your life just the way you want it!!!!

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