Zoë Calvert Webb Success Story

February 19, 2019


I LOVE what happens when you put a bunch of motivated women in a private group and say “ok, let’s get healthy together.” Women do AMAZING things. They support, they encourage, they show up for eachother and they empower eachother. 
Strangers become friends who become family — and all of a sudden time goes by,  you get to your goals and these strangers are the people you can’t wait to see everyday. 

Zoe used to be a stranger to me. Then, one day she ended up in my fitness group and the rest is history. I look forward to seeing her posts, hear how her life is going and now that I occasionally see her in person and know who she is, I squeal like a little kid again because I am just so darn proud of her and happy to have her in my life. 

People always ask me, “how can I get results.” And I always say “join me” and I will show you JUST HOW I did it and others have done also. Zoe joined in, she committed, she showed up and her results are PROOF that all it takes is a good workout plan, cleaning up your nutrition and some support. (Hint: exactly what we do in our fitness groups). 

I am excited to share my interview with Zoe and celebrate her right here!

1. What have your results been so far?

I have lost weight but gained myself. Since May of 2018, I have lost 20 pounds and 9 inches, but I have gained so much confidence in myself. I feel comfortable in my skin again and I feel so much more grounded

2. What has been your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle was consistency and doing all the components: exercise, food containers, shakes and water. It all seemed overwhelming to me. If I have learned one thing about myself is that I cannot go all in. I know that is contrary to what some of these programs are, but for me if I go all in and change everything, I lose steam.

3. How did you overcome that struggle?

Overall my biggest struggle is staying consistant and not quitting. I am not an exerciser, never have been. I never even played sports as a kid. There have been times in my life where I did go to the gym for three-to-six months consistently and a few years back I did yoga pretty consistently, but eventually I stopped. I don’t think I ever had a goal or never really new why I wanted to do it, so when life got in the way exercise always took a back seat

4. What did you do to get to your goals?

I did not want this just to be one more program, so I started out slowly. I thought that if I could just commit to 30 minutes a day at lunch, I could achieve that. But a few weeks into it, I realized if I wanted solid results, I needed to add in all the other elements, so I slowly did. I added the the shake and then I added the portion containers and eventually I added the water. Water has been the biggest challenge. I loathe drinking water. I guess cause I do not being cold, but I have never drank a lot which is not good. I will tell you though, once I started to drink water, the weight came off much more easily. But I could not do any of this without the groups, they have been the game changer. Those redminders, tips and support we get for each other.

5. What is your favorite personal development book and why?

I mostly read self development books so this is a hard one. I am going to say, “Power” from Rhonda Byrne. It is the sequel to the “Secret”. The “Secret” is about manifestistesting the life you want through positive thinking and visualization. The “Power” builds on this concept and it is about how all positive feelings are created by love and passion. I mean love is what makes the world go around, so why would it not help us create the life we want. I am heart and am a big lover. Sometimes stress and responsibility get in the way of this, but this book reminds you that if you dig deep and find that love you can find yourself and the life you want.


6. What is your goal right now?

My goal right now ids to commit to Transform :20 entirely-all in. Now that sounds strange right because I told you I could not do that when I started because I would lose steam. Well that is now my new goal, because I am mentally and physically a lot stronger. I will turn 45 at my one year on beachbody and I want to be able to fit into a bikini. As superficial as that may sound, I want my outside to match my inside. I realize to get that stomach I want I need to really hone in my nutrition. There is always room to clean it up and I just need to push myself a little harder in the workouts, so hear I come. I am ready!



7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?

Just do it. Sometimes we overthink or we procrastinate. I think it is because we are fearful, scared. We may not recognize it, but if you peel back the layers you may find that to be true. This year has been about just doing it and not to mention its friend determination. It’s about mind over matter and keeping the your goals at the forefront. Eventually it gets easier and it all become much more innate, but when you are getting started just do it.


8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?


Wow this is the hardest question of all. I am going to go with Mary Poppins. I mean who would not want a magical nanny to show up at their house? I never really got into the princess movies. I loved all the singing and dancing and as a kid I wanted to be an actress and I loved Julie Andrews. As an adult I realize I loved that film for the same reason I love the Harry Potter films, magic. Magic is wondrous and it sparks your imagination and creativity. It fills you with hope and inspiration. I believe we can create our own magic.


LOVE the belief that we can create our own magic. Because we can! 
And you CAN do this too!!!

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