Agnieszka Pawlaczyk Success Story

May 30, 2019

I am so excited to share this amazing transformation of my friend and fellow rockstar coach Agnieszka!!!

Can I start off saying that I love the power of social media and women?? If it wasn’t for social media, I would have never met this beauty. We actually met through my friend and fellow coach Rowaida, who was already rocking her own results. She then paid that forward to her friend Agnieszka!

Agnieszka joined the fitness groups, committed, showed up everyday and got AMAZING results. She not only showed up for herself but she empowered women along the way. She went live, told her story, gave a lot of love, and made a difference to others around her!

She committed and now this girl has ABS!!!!! HOLY ABS!!!!!

Ladies, Agnieszka is PROOF that YOU can do this too.
Now if your time!!!
Read her story below:

Starting weight: 258 | Today: 199
Work hard and get results!

1. What have your results been so far?

I started my journey in
April 2018 and with the last nine months being my fittest ever, I lost a total of 58.2 lbs.

2. What has been your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle was everything. I love food so it was very hard to eat clean at first, I love everything carbs: pizza, pasta, fries and fast food, OMG did I love fast food. Now I feel like eating healthy is so delicious and the possibilities are endless. My other struggle was to move my 258 lbs body which was no easy task since I was completely out of shape and lived a very sedentary lifestyle. Lastly, I had a setback half way through my journey when I got a foot injury that made me stop working out for six weeks and then I told myself why not one treat meal and then 16.6 lbs heavier, I put a stop to it and said NO, you are not going back to your old self, this is a lifestyle change, not a temporary change so I got back into it and never again will I let my old self come back. Now 58.2 lbs lighter, I feel unbeatable and unstoppable.

2009 vs. 2019
You can change what you are destined to be

3. How did you overcome that struggle?

The biggest struggle which I do not share is throughout all these nine months I was depressed and have been struggling with self doubt and loneliness, I thank God for this fit family because it helped me through it all.

4. What did you do to get to your goals?

I change my mindset to no more turning back, you will get fit and you will eat clean, with all the workout programsand nutrition guides, I had all available for me to make it happen, there was no time for excuses or not pressing play. It has to become part of your routine and then it just becomes naturally part of you.

5. What is your favorite personal development book and why?

Girl Wash Your Face, because it shows that we are all crazy and no one is perfect, we all have our struggles but its what you decide to do about it that defines who you are.

6. What is your goal right now?

I just reached my most recent milestone in dropping below 200 lbs, but my end goal is to lose 100 lbs, I am getting closer and closer.

7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?

Look in the mirror in your underwear and ask yourself if whats on the outside reflects what s in the inside? Is this who you trully are? If the answer is no, get to work and make it happen!

8. What made you want to be a coach?

At first it was for the discount obviously but I strongly believe that to actually coach someone, you need time and have done a few programs, to influence people is to lead by example.

9. How has coaching changed you?

It made me accountable for everything I do or say, I know people are watching and get inspired daily, I am the leader of my pack and I am here for them day and night, I take it very seriously and I want them to live a better life and be stronger and healthier.

As you read this and you see her results and you think “could I actually do this?”

The answer is 100% YES! You CAN.
But it won’t happen until you COMMIT and do this for you!!

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