Success Trip – Cruise Style

May 2, 2019

The other week I went on the most amazing trip on a cruise with my FAMILY – and all because of my job!!!!!

Here is the best part: It was a FREE vacation. A FREE EARNED vacay. And the even better part? I got to take my husband and my children and show them things that I never got to see when I was little. Nothing feels better than being able to give back to your husband and give to your children.

We drove to Florida (because I decided sine I had the freedom of working wherever I want, I wanted to see more of the country). We got onto the boat and had exclusive private check in. The kids were amazed at how big the boat was!!!

I was lucky enough that my friends and success partners got to come with me on this trip with me! And even better, they also earned her trip so we all got to treat our families. We also met up with other friends that we have made along the way. I have met the BEST people since joining in on this journey. We had fancy dinners, we went to the pools, we went to the beach, we were all over the place! We stopped in the Bahamas and Haiti and loved every minute of it. I am not even sure my kids had ever seen water so clear!

We did LIVE workouts with celebrity workout trainers every morning!! It was so awesome to be there with these trainers. Every morning, I see them on my tv at home and now they were there in person pushing us to keep going!

We went to trainings, we did some business and then we enjoyed the rest of our trip!

So, How did I earn this trip?

I committed myself to helping 3-5 people a month. I said that I would continue my fitness journey and bring people with me. This past year, I made it my goal to help people feel better about their bodies!

Can YOU earn a trip like this?

ABSOLUTELY! For YEARS, I sat around watching other coaches go on these types of trips, wondering if that could EVER be me. I started saying, “why NOT me?” And then I changed my perspective and pushed myself!

Anything you want in life is possible. ANYTHING! You just get up, you make the decision to do what it takes to get there, and you DO IT!

My team is currently opening up spots for our next coach training and you are welcome to join in on the fun!!

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