FloYo Fitness with Jessie Benson

August 5, 2019

The other week, I had the pleasure of taking my team and fitness family to do a FloYo workout with Jessie Benson.

We had never done anything like this before and of course we were nervous, but it was the BEST time. Two of the us fell in right away and a couple of us fell in later, but we laughed it off and had a good time. The yoga workout was amazing and to do it on a paddle board was even better. It really made me conscious about tightening my core and focusing on my moves.

I also really loved Jessie’s personality and style. She made us all feel super comfortable and explained the moves so well that I didn’t actually need to see her to do it to do it myself.

I was excited to interview Jessie and be able to share her awesome business.

I am Jessie, the founder of FloYo Fitness and owner of B’More SUP. FloYo is an international SUP yoga and fitness brand that leads SUP yoga retreats, workshops and trainings around the globe. B’More SUP is a stand up paddleboard school located in Dundalk, Maryland. In the summers you can find me leading SUP lessons, tours and fitness classes on the water at B’More SUP. And in the winter I am based on the Gold Coast of Australia planning and leading fitness retreats all around the world. I am passionate about traveling, all things fitness and good food! 

1. What made you start FloYo?

When I first started practicing yoga on a paddleboard I feel in love with the feeling of being so close to nature. I loved dipping my fingers and toes in the water, being under the sun and outside. It didn’t feel like yoga to me- it felt like having fun in the sun. I wanted to share that feeling with other people. So, I created FloYo to get more people outside and on the water. 

2. Who is it good for?

Anyone who loves being active and outside in nature!

3. How long have you been teaching FloYo?

I started FloYo in 2010 and have been teaching since then! 

4. What is your favorite food?

Salmon and this garlicy kale salad that i make! 

5. Is there an age limit or weight limit?

No age limit, but there is a weight limit as many of our boards can only float up to 250 lbs. 

6. Can pregnant people do this?

YES! We’ve had lots of pregnant ladies participate in FloYo classes! 

7. Where has been your favorite place to travel and why?

Australia has to be my favorite spot in the world. The beaches truly are some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen. The whole culture is based on being outside and enjoying life. And the people are so friendly and nice and the food is super fresh! 

8. What is your favorite yoga post?

Dancer pose. I love the balance and beauty of that pose!

My team and I had an absolute blast a few weeks ago when we were given access to booking a private class with Jessie. She was amazing and my team loved our evening out on the water.

Email or message me to get our Team DISCOUNT code for your first FLOYO class! 🙂

Follow Jessie – https://www.baltimoresup.com & https://www.floyofit.com
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bmoresup/
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