Shell Yeah! Florida Leadership Retreat!

October 14, 2019

It was THREE years ago when I scrolling Facebook and saw a group of girls jumping in the pool in Florida. They said they were “coaches”
They said they helped people get healthy and made an income..
They said they get to travel…
They looked healthy and happy..

And here I was..

Sitting on a couch with a 6 month old, spit up on my shirt, trying to get passed this post party depression…
And I thought “omg I NEED this. I don’t know what they are doing but I NEED this in my life.”

Because when you are a mom (or just a woman in general) sometimes you feel like you don’t have your tribe…
You need a little more in your life to feel whole..

And it was that EXACT moment, sitting in my laundry piled up house that I told my husband I was going to be a coach. I was going to be a fitness influencer. I was going to work on my own journey while helping others with theirs.

And here I am, on my FOURTH retreat, and this time I was hosting it! I was able to treat my team to all inclusive retreat where they could mastermind, meet people, laugh, dance, relax, eat and drink the night away and soak in how amazing this life is that we create for ourselves. 

We started off the retreat with a gift to each coach. Everyone got a new shirt and personalized beach blanket! We laughed, we cried and we talked about what brought us to this opportunity. Every story was different, but every story had meaning. There were moms, single ladies, teachers, nurses, they were in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and all had different lives but everyone came into this because they wanted to help people and saw an amazing business opportunity. 

We started the days off with LIVE workouts, we had breakfasts cooked for us, we lounged by the pool, we had trainings, we went to the beach, we did whatever we wanted to do that would fill our cup. 

The last night was pretty magical. We did a LIVE hip hop yoga class on the beach and then we took rocks that had our limiting belief on them and threw them in the ocean. It was such a powerful night and we all hugged, watch the sun set and get super pumped for the rest of the year!

Coaching to me is about surrounding yourself with positive, like minded amazing women and paying forward what you have already learned!

We shine fine alone but together, with a team and support, we can shine and make a BIGGER impact in this world. 

Why not shine with us??

We are ALREADY planning our next retreat.

If you have gotten this far and have read to this point then there is a part of you that is curious.

What if I told you that to be on this trip and to have success as coach SIMPLY meant that you were getting healthy, living YOUR best life and then sharing that with someone else? That’s it. Get healthy. Share your journey. Impact others.

Fill out the application below….
and let’s do this together!

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