How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Your Fitness Journey

November 12, 2019

I get this question so much…
How did I get my husband on board?!??!

To be honest, he would choose sleeping in over working out ANY day 🤦🏼‍♀️

He started this fitness journey for himself as much as he did for me. 

If you want your spouse to get healthy and workout…
ASK them! 
Tell them your goals.
Tell them your family goals.
Tell them what it means to you. 
Tell them you want them to live forever 😉

When we try something new and we need support and we ask our best friends, we EXPECT them to support us…. right?
(You would be hurt if they didn’t.)

So why don’t we do the same to our spouse? 🤔

Ask them for support and yes, EXPECT them to support you because if they love you they will ❤️

So many times I hear “my husband said no” or “my husband doesn’t support me” 🙄

Not cool, hubs. Not freaking cool. 
The heck if I’m being married for next 50 years to some guy who doesn’t support me. ❌

But 9 times out of 10, we accept the unsupport and move on instead of voicing what we WANT. 

You get 0 of the things you don’t ask for. 

So even on the days this guy of mine doesn’t want to do it… we do it. Because together we are stronger for our family 💑

Listen to our video below when we go LIVE and answer the questions about joining on a fitness journey with your spouse.

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