My COVID-19 Daily Routine

March 23, 2020

What it is like to be a healthcare worker (particularly a CT tech) during this virus. 🦠

Yep, I’m smiling. We are going through something insane… but I keep a smiling face and I’m doing everything I can to keep positive and be grateful. ☺️

But here’s what it means being in healthcare right now…

  • It means wondering every day if you are developing symptoms… if you are going to get it or if you in fact have it already. 
  • It means driving to work when others are home. 
  • It means getting off of work and telling your kids to not come near you…. changing your clothes, leaving your shoes outside and taking a shower before you can be “mom” and “wife”
  • It means putting on cold shoes in the morning because you left them outside all night to not bring any germs inside your home. 
  • It means having a husband who is worried that you may already have it. A husband who is trying to protect himself and his children and love you just the same.
  • It means seeing patients every day and not knowing if they have it, but you are here to serve so you serve them regardless.
  • It means wearing a mask, even when people look at you funny, because you are doing your best to protect yourself from the unknown.
  • It means scrolling Facebook and seeing people talk about homeschooling their kids and WISHING you were able to do that for your kids. 
  • It means taking your temperature randomly, constantly wondering if today is the day you yourself are going to be the patient.
  • It means having anxiety, but pushing it away, because you have a job to do and your patients are having worse anxiety than you. 
  • It means treating each patient as an equal…. no matter if you think they could have it or not. It is delivering service with a smile, holding their hand, and saying “I hope you feel better” – and then hand washing like a crazy person after. 
  • It is working extra hours. Being called for more hours. Being called to help. 
  • It is sitting back and hoping that people would listen more to the recommendations. 
  • It is people asking you what is going on and you say “I just don’t know” because you REALLY don’t know.
  • It is trying to leave your work stress at work so when you come home to your family you are present and focused on them. 💕

Mostly, it’s the land of the unknown… And you hope that each day gets better and better and we all have a positive outcome. 

So you stay positive… You continue with your routine, your life and the job you love to do ❤️

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