Leadership Retreat in Deep Creek

May 3, 2020

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.”

Wilfred Peterson

Every year, actually twice a year, I take my leaders from the team on an exclusive retreat where we celebrate our success, we laugh, eat, drink, workout, eat some more, and enjoy some time away. 

I rent a HUGE house (the better the WOW factor, the better), and I think of everything I can do to show my leaders on the team how much they mean to me and how proud of them I am. We have such an amazing team and one thing I have learned is that we do better when we work together. So it makes sense to bring the team TOGETHER and do this celebration as family. 

Everyday these ladies strive to be a better version of themselves and help others at the same time. How cool of a job is that!?!?

I think back to when I worked at a job for five years and did not ONCE have a RETREAT or an exclusive event that celebrated all that I have done. It was monotonous, daily, boring tasks that I was doing and no matter how hard I worked, I never was offered a luxury vacation. And that is why I LOVE doing this for my team. This is just as much as treat for me as it is for them. 

So what did we do??

We all arrived on Friday night and I greeted the team with a leadership retreat shirt and other goodies. I also had a leadership wall of fame to celebrate my girls! This is one of my favorite parts because they girls have their pictures blown up and recognized for their success (as they should be). 

Now, we are all fitness and health coaches, however, a big thing we promote on our team is balance. Living your best life and not sacrificing things. So we ate the desserts, we drank the margaritas and we didn’t regret it one bit. 

The first night was all about getting to know eachother and hearing our stories. This was amazing to hear how people became apart of our team and we all were so different. Some of us were overweight before and wanted a community, some of us were already into fitness and wanted to help others, some just joined because they wanted to go on retreats like this…… Each story mattered and was a reminder that ANYONE can do this. You just need the PASSION. 

On Saturday, we woke up and did a LIVE workout with the fabulous duo of Kate Kaskel and Kristy Burdsall. Both did an amazing job! They were spunky, fun and made us work! These two mommas are crushing it in every way and are Insanity LIVE instructors too!

After we workout we had girls from Lake Salon come to the house and do everyone’s hair and makeup before their photoshoots. Talk about a way to be pampered all for the hard work we have done for the past 12 months!

We spent the day eating more, drinking more, (see a pattern here) and getting professional pictures taken by Jessica Fike Photography. Shameless plug here…. she is AMAZING! This is our third year using her for a retreat and she makes you feel like a celebrity and her pictures always turn out incredible. So for anyone visiting Deep Creek, Maryland, I HIGHLY suggest her! 

My goal of the photography session was to give these girls professional pictures that they can use for their business. I also love watching girls who maybe once didn’t take a ton of pictures of themselves, light up when it’s their turn to get their picture taken. The other girls stand behind and cheer them on, make them laugh and assure them that they are absolutely rocking these pictures. 

Ashley Kaskel led a training to give our girls the top information on creating more success for their business. We talked goals, we masterminded and really dug deep into what we wanted. 

We took a hike to Swallow Falls and had an absolute blast! I love that we can go from photo shoots to hiking to fitness to dancing…. it seriously was the BEST time!

We spent the retreat talking about what NEXT was to come for this team. HINT: A bunch of fun stuff! 😉 

How many times can you say that you stayed in a huge house, were treated, had amazing meals, had a professional photographer, were given gifts, had live workouts in your own home, hot tubbed, and burned your beliefs? Probably not once.

And that my friends is why this team is so amazing. We do the things most people don’t. We lead with heart, passion and want to be better. We support each other, we empower one another and we share our stories every single day! 

Even better? We don’t limit this team. This is open for anyone with a passion to help others. Anyone with a passion to change their life. 

Why not you???

New Coach Application:

Thank you:
Lake Salon for the amazing hair/makeup
Jessica Fike Photography for the amazing pictures
Simply Sweet – for the beautiful balloons
Deep Creek Beverage – for all the wine/spirits
Deep Creek Vacations – the amazing rental house
Trader’s Coffee House – the amazing snacks, cookies, coffee

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