Ashley Kaskel Success Story

June 8, 2020

One thing that I absolutely love to do is share what others are doing for themselves! This success story is no different! Ashley Kaskel has been there with me since Day 1 and is the other half of our team Motivated 2 Inspire.

She’s a wife, mom of three and radiologic technologist too! She does all of the things! She actually shared her story on the Inspire Her Podcast, check it out if you haven’t already and if you have share it with your friends!

She has overcome so many things in her life and I cannot wait to see where she goes next! I got to ask her a few questions to give you even more details about all that she does and what she’s looking forward to herself.

1. What have your results been so far?

So far I have lost 30 pounds and the strongest I have ever been. I have also gained confidence that I honestly never had before.

2. What has been your biggest struggle?

My nutrition has also been my struggle. I am a huge social eater, at parties you can always find me around the food and if there are any desserts I am the first to find them.

3. How did you overcome that struggle?

I have learned that It is not about dieting, it is about making this into lifestyle for healthy living. With that I never deprive myself of anything. If I am craving something, I try to find a healthier alternative. I find that if I go into the mindset of “oh I cannot have that” I want it even more.

4. What did you do to get to your goals?

Simple…. exercise regularly, eat balanced and lean on my accountability buddies when I need support.

5. What is your favorite personal development book and why?

I mean who does not love Rachel Hollis and Girl Wash Your Face?! But I love The 5 Second Rule to… I live by this rule often… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – GO!

6. What is your goal right now?

Right now I am training for half marathon #5! I would love to improve my time. Do not know when or where yet, so I need to get on it! 

7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?

Just do not think and just do it. Trust the process, if you follow a workout program and a nutrition plan you WILL get results! 

8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

I honestly do not have a favorite, but any badass princess one is a win in my book! Oh, but I am a sucker for the Descendants and High School Musical 🤣 

9. What made you want to be a coach?

The discount. I needed to save money if I was going to continue, and I knew I needed this. And then it was the sole purpose to inspire just one other person and change their life.

10. How has coaching changed you?

How has it not?! That is the real question! This last four years has taught me so much about myself and I cannot wait to see the changes that happen in my life this year because of this opportunity.

I love how far Ashley has come and I know that there is someone out there right now in her previous pair of shoes! If you want to see what you have in store for yourself, I would love to chat and hear more about it! What is stopping you?

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