Karen Young Success Story

July 23, 2020

Karen and I met by chance. She came into my life through a friend of a friend and I could not be more grateful. Her story is inspiring, her mission is incredible and I am sure that you will be inspired by her as well. Karen has been through so much, and yet she continues to move forward. She is the epitome of inspiration and gives you the YES GIRL you can do this feeling!!

1. What have your results been so far?

My results so far have been amazing! I have lost 22 pounds and 16 inches combined over my body.

2. What has been your biggest struggle?

During this process nutrition has been my struggle. I love food which is a blessing and a curse. I eat anything so I have no problem getting my veggies in but I also love desert, bread and chocolate so the struggle is real.

3. How did you overcome that struggle?

I knew if I wanted to get results as fast as possible I had to do better meal prepping and planning my week in advance. My husband and starting planning all our meals on Sundays. We get all our shopping done that day as well and I cut up my fruit and veggies for the week so packing lunch is easy and I always have snacks ready to go. Carbs have been my focus because in the past I would inevitably go over in this category. I know what I can have for lunch based on what dinner is for that night. If there are no carbs in dinner, I’ll eat my carbs at lunch or vice versa. Planning my food weekly made the difference.

4. What did you do to get to your goals?

To reach my goals, I completed two rounds of 21 Day Fix and one round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I focused on my nutrition more than I ever had and followed the 21 Day Fix containers pretty stringently…. found nutrition to be much more than half the battle when trying to lose this much weight.

5. What is your favorite personal development book and why?

My favorite personal development book right now is Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. This book focuses on personal goals and how to achieve them. It help me to see overwhelming large goals in a different way. My goal of losing 20 pounds was one that I thought was too big to look at as a whole but breaking down into small monthly goals kept me on track. I know that some of my giant life goals will work the same way!

6. What is your goal right now?

My current goal is to lose 5 pounds this month. I’m also working towards being a diamond coach. I am just starting out and know it will take a bit of time but that is a business goal of mine.

7. What is your advice for someone who is just starting out?

My advice for any starting out would be to prepare your food, plan you workout times and if you have a bad day start back over the next one! Give yourself grace and focus on small weekly goals.

8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

My favorite Disney movie has to be Aladdin! I remember watching this as a kid a laughing a ton! I have always loved comedy, I do not remember a time I did not like a good joke or a witty comment! The Genie, player by Robin Williams, was my favorite, the smart, quick whited comments stuck with me and I have loved comedy ever since. The love story may have something to do with it too😍 Hopeless romantic here!!

9. What made you want to be a coach?

I decided I wanted to be a coach for a couple reasons. I love helping people and tend to be a motivator and tough love mentor to close friends so I figured I should help anyone that wants it! I also know what it takes to change your lifestyle completely and I wanted to help others achieve it!

The other reason and my “why” is that since I have lost my daughter and became a mom I realized I want to stay home and raise my children. I have always said “I could never stay home”. Of course becoming a mom and then losing a child changes you in fundamental ways and now, I say “I have to stay home” I truly do not know how I would be able to leave my children after what I have gone through. So, this is it, all my eggs in this coaching basket, failure is not an option!

Thankfully, I also absolutely love health and fitness, pushing myself and other to be our best, and inspiring others to change their lives! Win, win!

10. How has coaching changed you?

Since I started coaching in May I have found myself to be laser-focused on my nutrition and my workouts! I know I need to lead by example and show everyone how it is done and that it is possible. I love posting my story and showing others how fitness has helped me cope with something that most can’t imagine living through. I’m showing my happiness, my struggles and proving that hard times should not be an excuse to not take care of yourself, it should be the reason you take care of yourself. I think I have felt a responsibility to my potential customers and coaches and it has made me stronger in the process.

I love the way I’m able to impact others, the way I can help inspire someone to want and reach for more for themselves. We all need a little love sometimes, we all need someone in our corner, I want to be that person for as many women as will have me!!

I just love how Karen has given everything back to herself and she continues to inspire and help others along during her own journey!

As you read this and you see her results and you think “could I actually do this?” 

The answer is 100% YES! You CAN. 
But it won’t happen until you COMMIT and do this for you!!

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